Thursday, July 01, 2004

[US Politics] Drudge quotes a "top D.C. insider" who thinks Kerry will choose Hillary Clinton as his VP.

The Democrats feel like health care is the domestic issue. But how to make it the dominant topic of conversation -- break through war and terrorism? Hillary Clinton. She catapults it out front with her commission ... So now you have the number two person on the ticket who is a 'health care expert' ... By the way, it puts prescription drugs on the back burner, the Republicans health care ace. You will have a fully engaged national debate on health care from now until the election.
The Democrats economic plan is to say Bush sucks, it's never enough, we must get back to the Clinton Era when 22 million jobs were created. You can't do much better at making that point then-- Kerry/Clinton 2004.
But what about impeachment and Monica -- wont that overshadow her being picked? It' now been covered in the book. Not only that, but she is a women scorned who has dealt with what so many American women deal with and stuck it out to keep her family together. And Whitewater? It's in the book. Vince Foster? Book. Billing records, White House travel Office? Book, book. All have been covered. All Republican slime tactics.

This sounds OK. With the recent hype about President Clinton's book, it's clear there's still a lot of love for them. She would be a strong candidate and it would also position herself for a run in 2008 or 2012. Announcing Clinton as VP would be a big surprise. Whereas there might be disappointment if Gephardt or Vilsack were picked instead of Edwards, picking Clinton would generate a lot of excitement. The only issue is what effect does she have on swing voters? My feeling is the Clintons remain highly popular with middle America. These voters also care most about the economy. Healthcare? Perhaps. In any case, this pairing would indeed probably turn the focus to the domestic agenda. A good move if they think they can beat Bush on that issue.