Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Whois Spam

[E-mail] I own a couple of domain names. The e-mail address listed in the contact information is a spam magnet. Unfortunately, it's also the e-mail address through which the registrar contacts me. It's a real hassle to have to sort through all the junk e-mail to get to the important ones. Here's what I've done:

1. Open a new Yahoo e-mail account (or something similar) which you will use solely for domain name registration. Yahoo is good because they have free anti-spam filters.
2. Use this account for your contact information when you register for domain names. Do not use this account for any other purpose.
3. Enable the anti-spam filtering on the e-mail account.
4. Set up a custom filter so that all e-mail not sent from your registrar's domain name is moved out of your Inbox and placed in another folder (eg. in an "Unsorted" folder).

By doing this, only important e-mails from the registrar will be placed in the inbox. Spam identified by Yahoo will be automatically filtered out and all other e-mail will be placed in an "Unsorted" folder. I wish that registrars would allow you to provide one e-mail address to place in the whois directory and specify another for correspondence with the registrar only.

UPDATE: I found out my registrar has added an unlisted e-mail feature. Be sure to enable it on your account if your registrar provides it.