Wednesday, June 30, 2004

[US Politics] Latest Quinnipiac poll shows Florida is a dead heat. 43 percent each for Kerry and Bush Republicans and Democrats were highly polarized in their responses so we'll look at the independents.

- 51 percent disapprove of Bush's handling of his job as president. 41 percent approve.
- Kerry leads 43-40 in a two-way race and 40-37 with Nader in the mix.
- Most important issue is the economy followed by terrorism. (For Republicans, it's terrorism followed by the economy while for Democrats, it's the economy followed by Iraq)
- 55 percent think Kerry would do a better job with the economy. 37 percent say Bush.
- 52 percent think Bush would do better fighting terrorism. 37 percent say Kerry.
- Kerry and Bush tied at at 46 percent on who would do better in Iraq.
- 54 percent say going to war in Iraq was the wrong thing to do. 37 percent say it was the right thing.

Nader remains a factor. 5 percent of Democrats said they would vote for Nader, as did 9 percent of independents. Knowing how close the race was last time, I wonder if those respondents will follow-through and vote for Nader or if they will end up voting for Kerry.