Monday, June 21, 2004

Rudy T as Lakers Coach?

[NBA] It appears that the Lakers' first choice for new coach is Rudy Tomjanovich. Other people mentioned include Henry Bibby, Kurt Rambis, Jim Cleamons, Pat Riley and George Karl.

My preference of course would have been to keep Phil Jackson. Since that didn't happen, I would have turned to Pat Riley but It looks like he's staying in Miami.

Out of those remaining, Rudy T is probably the best choice. Bibby has no pro-level coaching experience and hasn't even led USC to the Final Four. Kurt Rambis would have more trouble getting Shaq and Kobe to listen. Jim Cleamons might be best in terms of continuity but he had his shot in Dallas and was unimpressive. George Karl coached the US team to dismal failure in the World Championships and didn't do too much better in Milwaukee the last few years. Tomjanovich at least won two championships with the Houston Rockets. Since then however, his record has been average. The Rockets missed the last couple of playoffs until Jeff Van Gundy took over this year.