Thursday, June 03, 2004

Reclaiming My E-mail

[E-mail] Finally getting the spam situation under control. Like most other things in life, I needed to simplify and reorganize.

- Redirected junk accounts. I have a number of junk accounts that I use only for unimportant site registrations and which receive nothing but spam. I have set all these accounts to forward to a single account. Nothing important will get sent to this account so the only thing I need to do is empty it out periodically.
- Consolidated personal accounts. Instead of checking several different accounts, set them all to forward to one only. Since all the junk account mail is redirected elsewhere, my personal account so far only has a couple of spams per day.
- Separate work support account. There is a customer support account whose address needs to be published online. This is another spam magnet but it does receive the occassional real e-mail. I had previously set this to forward to my actual work account but the spam load is immense. I am now separating these two accounts. Important work e-mail can be handled efficiently and the other account will be checked on a less frequent basis.
- After enabling hiding my e-mail address in Whois, changed the contact e-mail.
- Better use of filtering in the e-mail program. Besides already using automated spam filtering, I also move messages not directly addressed to me to a bulk e-mail folder.
- Use whitelisting. Messages from people in my address book are placed into a separate folder for priority handling.