Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Pistons Win

[NBA] The Detroit Pistons are the new NBA champions. They deserved it. They were the better TEAM and simply outplayed the Lakers the entire series. They worked as a unit whereas each Laker seemed to have his own agenda. Chauncey Billups won the MVP. For a team known for its defense, I would have chosen Ben Wallace instead. Looks like they did the right thing in firing Rick Carlisle and hiring Larry Brown. Rip Hamilton and Rasheed Wallace played vital roles as well. A little disappointed because the Lakers lost. Felt bad for Karl Malone. Malone and Payton are Hall of Famers but they're not the same players they used to be. Karl set an example for the whole team but Payton and the triangle offense didn't really go well together.

If I were Lakers GM, I would re-sign Phil Jackson and rebuild around Kobe and Shaq. Malone can still contribute but Payton should probably move on. Rumor is Derek Fisher will be left unprotected in the expansion draft. That's a mistake. He's a player that puts forth maximum effort every play. They need a better power forward/center backup and a spot shooter who doesn't need to dribble the ball and can hit 3s. Someone like Steve Kerr.