Thursday, June 24, 2004

[NBA] ESPN The Magazine writes up Michael Jordan's recent promotional tour through Asia:

Don't get the idea he's just a giant puppet interested only in sole-selling. Jordan has taken away the swoosh of his brand, replacing it with a silhouette of himself jumping to carve out his own space. He refers to Nike as a rival. Manufacturing the competition he can't stop craving, he wants to sell more sneakers with Jordan Brand member Carmelo Anthony than Nike does with LeBron, and here's one of the reasons:

More cash will buy him the kind of freedom in basketball he has never had. It will buy him ownership. And, well, he still wants to kick everyone's butt at his game. His fire helped him to succeed like no athlete before him, and you can't just turn down the roar on that after a lifetime spent feeding it, and being rewarded for feeding it. You don't just put on a suit and cool off. The dominance-junkie still craves the winning, any game, any stakes, and while you might not like him channeling all that power into becoming a sneaker salesman, of all things, that's your problem, not his.