Thursday, June 24, 2004

Dallas On The Move

[NBA] Another off-season, another Dallas remake. The Mavs traded Antwan Jamison to Washington for Jerry Stackhouse, Christian Laettner and the No. 5 pick. A decent trade for both sides.

Mike Wise of the Washington Post is happy about the deal:

Ladies, gentlemen, Washington basketball junkies everywhere: Put your hands together and give it up for Mark Cuban, the man who makes more Wizards problems go away than the merciful end to each regular season. ... He traded for Jerry Stackhouse, his depressing locker room aura, his three years and $22.5 million remaining on his deal, his balky knee. Cuban took it all off Washington's hands. Not to mention the moody and mercurial Christian Laettner.
They both may have a few good years left. Yet walking around that locker room was just uncomfortable when Stackhouse was in there. His teammates had little or no respect for the injured player who was supposed to lead after Michael Jordan was jettisoned. Gilbert Arenas just felt Stackhouse did not have enough passion for the game or he would have been playing through his leg injury. And Laettner? He was getting into the younger players' ears way too much, teaching them all the things a jaded journeyman should know about the league, not the advice impressionable youngsters should be getting.

Stackhouse's stock has fallen a lot the last couple of years, having been traded from Philly to Detroit to Washington and now to Dallas. According to the Dallas Morning News, he may be moved again:
It is unlikely that Stackhouse would ever wear a Mavericks uniform. There was speculation late Wednesday that Stackhouse would be sent to New York today for Kurt Thomas.

It appears that everything is being done to set up a trade for Shaq. The Mavs want to pair him with Dirk Nowitzki and are trying to put the pieces together to make that happen. I don't think Nowitzki is that great but he's still currently their best player. If they don't trade Nowitzki for Shaq, they'll probably have to give up Steve Nash. If that happens, they'll need a new point guard. How about Derek Fisher? If they manage all that, maybe Cuban can try to conjure up a last bit of magic and trade for Tracy McGrady. Shaq, McGrady, Nowitzki, Fisher ... that'd be quite a lineup.