Friday, June 18, 2004

Kerry-Edwards Ticket Most Talked About Online

[US Politics] A Google search comparison has shown that a Kerry-Edwards ticket is the most mentioned possibility in the Kerry VP stakes, far outpacing Kerry-Gephardt and slightly more than Kerry-McCain. Kerry-Clinton generated a surprising amount of attention. There is very little interest in Kerry-Vilsack, Kerry-Graham and Kerry-Bayh.

Number of hits for each combination:

Kerry-Edwards 14,300
Kerry-McCain 14,000
Kerry-Clinton 12,600
Kerry-Clark 4,720
Kerry-Gephardt 4,330
Kerry-Dean 3,510
Kerry-Vilsack 507
Kerry-Graham 449
Kerry-Kerrey 275
Kerry-Nelson 159
Kerry-Biden 129
Kerry-Bayh 119
Kerry-Springsteen/Kerry-Bruce 59
Kerry-Nunn 17
Kerry-Hagel 14
Kerry-Sebelius 6

Methodology: Search was conducted on Google searching for "Kerry-[VP Candidate]" and "ticket". The word "ticket" was added to try to eliminate some false hits from articles talking about the Democratic primaries. This method does not differentiate between positive and negative evaluations of each combination, simply counting the number of times that possibility is mentioned. Pages that Google does not search obviously could not be counted.