Thursday, June 17, 2004

[Gaming] Profile on IGN/Gamespy (Washington Post):

"IGN/GameSpy does this by being part Web publisher, part Internet matchmaker. Its network of 90 Web sites cranks out some 4,400 articles and reviews a month that pay microscopic attention to nearly every conceivable aspect of the industry. The company also provides an online arena where gamers are able to meet up and challenge one another and where fans can get free software updates and other extras. The formula has had success. The company's sites see 19.7 million visitors a month, and more than 200,000 subscribers pay $7 a month or $60 a year for access to special features or files. The privately-owned IGN/GameSpy, born of a recent merger between onetime rivals, expects to collect revenue in the neighborhood of $50 million this year from its collection of online businesses."