Wednesday, June 16, 2004

[Blogging] Dave Winer unexpectedly shut down the free blogs he had previously hosted at Jeneane Sessum has a transcript of Dave's audio post. There's been a bit of discussion on Slashdot.

First of all, people should thank Dave for hosting the blogs for free for 4 years. His Scripting News was one of the first blogs I read regularly before I even knew they were called "weblogs". Gratitude should be shown not just for the free hosting but also his efforts in developing RSS and promoting blogging in general.

Having said that, this could have been handled better. What would he have thought if Blogger or Six Apart had done something similar? Advance warning of a month or even a week to give people a chance to back up their information or upgrade to a paid plan would have been a good idea. If money for bandwidth or a better server was the issue, a call for donations could have been posted. The blogging community would likely have stepped up like it usually does. Unfortunately, this incident will only serve to confirm some people's negative impressions of one of blogging's founding fathers.