Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Gmail First Impressions

[Email] Was lucky enough to get a Gmail account today. It's got a nice clean interface. Usernames have to be at least six characters long. Google says it's to reduce spam. Getting the account really wasn't as exciting as I thought. After all, it's still just e-mail. The only good thing about getting it early is a chance to get the name you want. My full name was already taken! But my regular username that I use on other accounts was thankfully still available.

I generally don't like to use web-based mail. I prefer my trusty Mozilla Mail program. I keep a web mail account strictly for travel purposes, those times when I don't have access to my laptop and need to use e-mail. The one thing stopping me from using the Gmail account as my main account is the ability to download and backup Gmail messages. True, there's a third-party tool available but I want a reliable solution that will allow me to download via POP3 not only messages in my Inbox, but also messages in my Sent Mail box as well. If they provide that, I will gladly switch everything over to Gmail and use my e-mail program as backup only.

As an aside, today was also the day Yahoo upped its free mail capacity to 100MB. Competition is good.