Saturday, June 05, 2004

Candlelight Vigil


[HK Politics] Last night's June 4 candlelight vigil was attended by over 80,000 people, the largest crowd in years. I think people have been shook up out of their complacency by recent events. The Communists received a lot of goodwill and trust over the past decade. People saw the economic progress being made in China and the relatively hands-off attitude they adopted in Hong Kong. Now, the truth is coming out. The Communists have exposed their true colors. If they continue their anti-democracy stance and dirty tactics in HK, this will only lead to more anger and resentment against them.

For many years, people have bought the idea that the Tiananmen crackdown was needed because it preserved stability and allowed the progress that was made in the past decade. But who is to say that the same wouldn't have happened under a free and democratic government? People have accepted the idea that perhaps a country as big as China needed a strong authoritarian hand to run it. What any country really needs are competent leaders and a competent government. A democratic system ensures that those that are incompetent and unpopular may be removed and replaced. In a dictatorship, you are stuck for life with whoever those people are, good or bad.