Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Survivor All-Stars (Spoiler)

This season's Survivor has been interesting because the contestants already knew each other and were friends before the show. Once again, the person flying under the radar, "riding the coattails" as it were, won. Boston Rob, the power player and strategist, who lied and betrayed almost every alliance he made, finished second.

What was surprising was the depth of the feelings of anger, resentment and bitterness expressed by the jurors at the final tribal council. Many took it extremely personally, perhaps because it was friends betraying friends, but those same people did it to others earlier in the game and I have no doubt would have done it again had they been given the chance. The truth is, Survivor is just a game. Those that see it as a game will be able to put aside all feelings and emotions in pursuit of that goal by deceiving others.

In the end though, Rob deserved to win. He dominated the immunity challenges, not only the physical ones, but also the mental ones. He out-thought and out-strategized everyone else. His only weakness was failing to break his alliances tactfully and keep those jurors on his side.

Rob's result of finishing second shows that you need to do it without making everybody angry at you. You can get away with one or perhaps two people that you betray in order to reach the final stage but you simply cannot betray everyone. If you play as Amber or Sandra did in Survivor Pearl Islands and choose the right alliance, you can reach the final and have someone else take the brunt of the negative feelings of the jurors.