Thursday, May 20, 2004

CSI: New York

I watched CSI: Miami for the first time in a long time. What intrigued me was that it was a preview of CSI: New York. Apparently it interested others too because they scored their highest ratings ever.

Gary Sinise is the lead in CSI: NY. Looks good. There's definitely a gritty "New York feel" to it. There's a deliberate contrast from Miami. Cold colors and a darker set. Emphasis on the underbelly of the city. I especially liked the fly-by shots of city landmarks. This was a good choice for their third expansion. If CSI had started in NY instead of Las Vegas, it would have been just another NY cop show. By setting it in Vegas, it did something different, established itself as a brand and now people want to see the CSI franchise's take on New York. Also has a chance of revitalizing their entire franchise. People might start to watch the original CSI and Miami more again.